Monday, May 23, 2011

I sat alone today.

My eyes filled with tears, and I breathed again as my eyes swallowed them away.
I pictured you waving. I pictures our last day together.
Just a hug, and then you were gone.
Tears swelled again, I wanted to cry so much today, so many times. I wanted to call you and tell you how much I love you.
Beg you to stay.
I pictured me in a hospital bed, dying from something, you by my side, telling me to stay, as i died i wrote down the address for this blog.
"Every bit, it's all there... it's all for you" I said.
tears again.
I pictured writing a note for you. "I've loved you for so long, you never understood the strength of it, you never understood my pain, I'm in love with you- But I hope no matter what happens, ever- I hope you find happiness"
- writing the note, and walking away, never being seen again.
More tears.
and worse of all, I pictured saying goodbye, there was no emotional long situations, or tears on your part, or pain, or care... that's what hurt the most.
I pictured a goodbye... then realised once again. How little I mean.

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