Sunday, September 25, 2011

everything is nothing without you.

it just makes me so sad, and hurts so much, when i look at you, when you look at me, and you smile, and you do that cute grin, and i see that little bit of child in you. i mean, don't get me wrong, it's the most beautiful thing in the world . but when you're not with me, when you're gone.. it's like there's nothing i wouldn't do to have you that close to me again, just want to touch your face hold you inside my heart. Everything seems to useless when you're not here.
I'm glad a left last night, with a good feeling, seeing you smile at me. but i'm going to miss you. and this is a horrible day already. I just want you to belong to me.
it's like i can't go out, and have fun, and be happy if you're not with me. it's like everything i do is for you, and i can't stop it. I can't stop how fucking strongly i feel. you make me the happiest person alive. I can't even explain. but you're not mine. and that, that makes me hurt so much. I wish you knew, kind of. I wish you loved me back. I wish i knew how i felt.
the truth is, when i'm around you, i'm happy, i'm me... i feel alive, and not broken, when you're making me laugh or looking at me, i feel so fucking free. but the moment you're gone, when you're not in my sight, when i know that you're thinking of someone else, when i know that you're holding her like i would be holding you..
then everything just feels like its falling apart. every part of my body feels like its being torn apart. 
no one can see it though. 
only i can feel it. 
i just want you. 

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