Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Six feet under.

And once again, the sky grew down, pulling the entire world down on top of it. The tree's planted themselves firmly in the clouds, and waited for the tide to go down, waited for the world to galaxy to subside. So, as I walked away and watched your face, I realized what I had been hiding from the world.. It didn't matter, none of it did. Not that I wasn't beautiful, or skinny or smart! Not that no one wanted me... none of it mattered. My pain was useless. It's not like I was significant to the world, I made no difference, and nor did the way you made me feel. Uselessness was no answer, but neither were you. you were the whole world on my shoulders, you weighed me down, but someone you gave me a sense of strength. Nothing in the universe could pull me down, except you.. who also had the power to make me happier than I'd ever been.... and with that, you had the power also, to pull me six feet under.
and unfortunately.
Thats exactly what you did. 

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