Saturday, August 27, 2011


The girl at work. what if you like her? what if you two have a secret relationship going on? what if you like her more than me? You've been looking at her like you look at me, you've been talking to her more. I left you two alone tonight, what if she thinks she likes you like i do. what if you like her back. help help help! I swear, if he was mine I would not be a jealous person, because I would know that he belongs to me, that he's mine. but he doesn't and he's not. and now i'm just scared. scared I'm going to lose something that isn't even mine to begin with.
he sent me a text at 3.3o am, i talked to him about it the next day. I GOT ONE REPLY! he said FROM TASHA.
I got so angry, i hated her! why did she get a message to? why don't i matter more? whatwhatwhat. I swear i wouldn't be like this. I swear! but i am now. I'm just scared. he's so. confusing.
he's perfect.
i love him. i want him. i'm scared.
what if there really is no future in this for us? :/ thats not fair. I want tthere to be a future. I want there to be SOMETHING. Someone please tell me how to do this.
how to get through this.
i need to let go.
if not, i'm just going to get burnt.

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