Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hope is shit.

Ugh, he said on Friday, when he asked me over to his house "well, you should come over monday night" and I was like yeah okay. then on saturday, our last shift this week together, i asked him if when I was going to see him next, and then he said "maybe on monday, i'll give you a text if I'm not doing anything"... and now..
I get that he's busy. but I'm waiting for that text. I keep checking my phone. its like i'm so hopeful for this even though I know it's not going to happen. he was acting weird. he isn't going to text me. I know it.. but I just want to see him. I want a hug, I want to hear his voice, and joke around, and listen to him laugh, and catch him smiling at me.
thats the best feeling, when I look up and he's smiling a half smile, kind of sarcastic grin on his face.
I just want to kiss him.
But, I just... I feel as if it could never happen. he gives off signs.
but then on the other hand, he give off other signs, complete opposite ones . and I just don't know what to think..
last time i was slightly under the impression that he was a tiny bit interested in me, he met someone else, he got a girlfriend, and it tore me apart.
I'm so scared of all that happening again. I need to detatch.

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