Sunday, October 2, 2011

I failed.

I gave up on this not talking thing, I couldn't do it, it was driving me insane, if I left it I knew that I wouldn't hear from him, so i sent me a message, and he replied. which... even though it wasn't quite that great a reply, it was a reply, which means he bothered I guess.
I'm weak, really really fucking weak, I know. But I missed him so much. It's only been a week. fuck. what I would do for one of his hugs. I just want a hug and a call and... just. us. I want us.
I miss him, and I'm scared that I'm going to be the one who sends the last message, i know I will be. it's me, he doesn't care.
I just..
I feel like crying all the time. there's no point in this anymore. I wish he knew. I really wish he'd understand how much he was hurting me.
I miss him.
and I just want to talk to him all day, and be with him, and stop feeling so fucking empty all the time. I need someone to make me feel better again.
I want to feel better again.

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