Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things feel like elastic. Pulling in, snapping out. Everything is out of focus, but it's all so acutely real.
My dreams are chasing me like hounds, with every lunge they get closer...
I'm not too sure how I feel..
Like a robot perhaps? I go day to day, walking my routine, and and night I sit with my usual book, blog, or game.
And I do this every day. I'm over the same thing. School.Work.Home.School.Work.Home.Fitin.School.Work.Home.
Life is.. well it's boring. There is nothing really amazing happening, no big insane changes.
Only little ones- little ones that break me, and hurt and make me cry.

What I want is a change big enough to overwrite all the little ones.
A change big enough to make life exciting.
To change everything. 

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