Thursday, April 21, 2011

I feel like I'm falling apart.

"What if we last forever?"
No, No please don't last forever. give me a chance to make you happy. Give me a chance to hold you to my chest and tell you you're beautiful.
Please understand, that I don't want to ruin your perfect relationship, I don't ever want to see you sad- if it meant that if you left her, if you couldn't be w- if that made you sad, then... then I wouldn't take you. I'd never even try. But I truly believe that you would be happy with me.
I... I could be better. please,
please understand. I'll do whatever to myself- change in everyway possible.
Just to have you.


  1. "I'll do whatever to myself - change in everyway possible."

    I found out later that this was not worth it, in whatever shape or form.

  2. it's hard though, you know? wondering what it might be like if I were different. would it change anything?
    ah. such is life I suppose, and apologies that my entire blog is whiny crap, it must drive artistic writers insane.
    thankyou, for the comment anyway, somehow I know that no matter what I do to myself he'll never want me, I'll have to deal with it.
    and I will.