Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm hoping that one day, it will all vanish. All my memories of you. All the pain that goes along with it.
I'm hoping that one day I'll forget;
The precise colour of your eyes, how they swim with blue, how the edges seep into oceans of sparkling white.
How you would smile, the little crease when you were trying to pretend to be angry, the angle of your eyebrows when you'd look up at me.
I'm hoping I'll forget;
The little shaving scratches you leave on your face, the short stubby hair that grows on your face.
The bubble next to your ear. The way your hair looks when its messy.
The lenght of your fingers. The birthmarks on your arms.
I hope I forget ; The way you walk.
The vains in your arms.
More than anything. I hope I'll forget how you made me feel, the times we laughed, the stories we told... and your voice.
I hope I'll forget the best sound in the world.

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