Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Years.

Two years ago I stood outside my house, on the phone to you, crying.
Because I thought you were going to leave this world.
Two years ago, you were where I am now, 
Two years ago we were all so close.
were all so young. 
We grew and learnt together- and promised we could never live without each-other. 
Before I knew it you were gone.
at the time I felt defeated, like I had lost everything.
and then I forgot, memories faded, pain got weaker. 
I got stronger.
we were all so young, and so naive. we were all lost in our own bubble of confusment. 
then time got the better of us. Speeded ahead, passed us by. 
we forget who we were.
and now. two years later.
we still have no idea. 

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