Monday, September 20, 2010

Exactly the same.

I keep trying to get myself to write something poetic. maybe later..

I think it's disgusting, I disgust myself. Girls, boys, teenagers, adults.
we are all exactly the fucking same.
We talk about our best friends, then stick up for them, we talk about the friends we were talking about our best friend with to our best friends, we pretend we are all so sweet and innocent. and whilst complaining about a certain someone we don't even fucking realize what we're doing.
"she is so fucking annoying and bitchy, I can't believe all the stuff she says about us behind our back- she annoys me so much I fucking hate her, lets keep this from her and not even tell her because she annoys us..."
who is the fucking cruel one here?
answer... all of us. it's a never ending cycle of cruel abuse because people aren't happy that your not perfect. I do it to. which is why I make myself sick. I say these things, about my friends!! 

we are the same, it's fucking disgusting- but its true. we're only human. but who ever gave us permission to be so nasty to each other?
and what would the world be like if we simply changed it?

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